Lars Nordenhof

Thank you for the invitation to judge the Göttinger WT, which I very much is looking forward to. For some of you I will be well know, as I previous have been judging several times in Göttingen including last year.

I have been a judge since 2006 and I am approved as an FCI judge. I have been judgin the Danish elite test (Field Trail), the Danish Retriever Championship and the Danish Young Dog Championship several times including this year, and countless cold game tests and WT’s over the years. I have also had the pleasure of judging the Norwegian championship several times and also the Nordic championship (Field Trail). My judging work has brought me to Iceland, Norway  and Sweden where I have judged B-tests (Cold game), and as well as to Germany and Switzerland several times to judge WT. This year I also had the pleasure to be judging the Nordic championship for Golden Retrievers in Norway and the Finnish WT championship.

When I judge I especially like to see the young dogs where it still is the talent rather than Learned skills that is prevalent, and then off course – in general – I like to see the well-trained dog where the cooperation between handler and dog reaches a higher level and makes the retrieves look easy.

My wife and I have had Goldens for more than 30 years, and right now we have 5 dogs, 3 males and 2 bitches. We have bred a few litters over the years under the affix „Nordgold“. Our bitches are now retired from trailing and breeding, but occasionally will go picking up in the shooting season. 

We work primarily with our 3 boys, who are aged from 26 month to 5 years. Two of these are half-brothers and imported from England – the last one, which is the dog I primarily work with – is two and a half year old and imported from Finland as a mating puppy from the oldest of our boys. He is well underway in the Danish test system, and has in the spring qualified for the Field Trails in the shooting season. During the shooting season, we in general use our dogs for picking up.

I am looking forward to meet all handlers, and seeing some good dog work.